• Average tenure of our senior leadership*
    19 Years
  • Employees with 10+ years 
of service*
  • Cumulative service years of those employees*
    1,077 Years

The PARK Values

We prioritize relationships over transactions through a shared commitment to fairness and honesty in all that we do. Simply said, we do what we say we're going to do, acting with integrity above all. These principles are embedded in our culture and guide our daily actions.

P is forPersonal Relationships

We believe in the strength of building personal relationships with our customers and with each other.

A is forActing Responsibly

We believe in acting with sincerity and integrity in all that we do.

R is forResults Orientation

We believe in driving for results, finding solutions for our customers, building value for our shareholders, and improving our workplace.

K is forKnowledge

We believe in the power of expertise, continual learning, and sharing our knowledge with customers and each other.

* Employee stats as of 2/28/2019