Why Park?

Midwest manufacturers are known for being industrious and pragmatic - and that's exactly how we at Park Bank approach an opportunity to work with you. Based on the opportunities at hand or in the future, we can help align your financial position with the goals of your business.

  • Team-based delivery
  • Quick response
  • Cash flow management
  • Global services

The manufacturing sector is broad and varied, similar to our manufacturing portfolio which includes printing, medical equipment, packaging, OEM parts, food and beverage to name a few.

Turn to Park Bank to help you:

  • Build your next production facility
  • Import or export goods
  • Send or receive international payments
  • Purchase raw materials
  • Finance research and development
  • Acquire other businesses
  • Buy or lease new equipment
  • Run your day-to-day business
  • Plan for a liquidity event

Want to learn more?

Connect with an industry expert at Park Bank. We'd love to start a conversation and learn more about your business.

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